Thursday, February 08, 2007

so sad

Anna Nicole Smith died today. I sure hope she has finally found peace.


Nicole said...

She sure lived a troubled life.
I wonder who is going to get custody of her baby girl...

I think that Anna Nicole will go down in history in the top 10 tortured souls...

Do you think she ODed? I read yesterday that they think she and her son had congenital heart conditions and combined with different drugs, proved to be a lethal combination.

This is sad, I am always sad to hear of anyone that passes away so young.

RWA said...

Her life got out of control and got worse. I don't know if she tried to get help and no one would, or perhaps she thought she could get through it herself.

Either way, you hate to see it end like this for anyone.

Ben said...

Tortured? Nic, you gotta be kidding me.

ANS got everything she ever wanted, and I would say deserved.

Ellie said...

I think she means inner torture. Sometimes people make a life of torturing themselves. I don't think she deserved to die. I would have liked to see things work out..if not for her, for her daughter.

Ben said...

I subscribe to the belief that her daughter is better off without her. Yes, I completely understand how bad things need to be before you can say someone is better off without their mother.

It was that bad.

Here's what I know about ANS:

She wanted to be Marilyn.
She became a trampier version of Marilyn.
She'll go down in infamy because of how she died, just like Marilyn.

She got her wish. Any turmoil along the way was wanted, needed, and self-inflicted.

Also, I responded to your comment on my site. Welcome back!

Ice said...

Strange life, stranger death.

She lived her life out like Marilyn Monroe... hey, how old was Marilyn when she died? I know it was young also.

Anna Nicole... (aka Vickie-Lynn)
sure was "different" more than likely due to the drugs over the years but I did feel for her to a certain degree.

But yeah, strange life, strange death.

Nicole said...

Yeah Ellie, I meant inner tortured...

to have lived the way she did, deep down she must have hated herself. To me, she lived in hell.

In reality Ben, her daughter may be better off, but her daughter will always wonder and have feelings of sadness over not knowing her mom and just knowing what the public thought and felt about her.

Imagine if you bit the big one and someday the boys googled you and read all kinds of stuff about you.
( not the sweetie you are, but if you were like this person....BUT hey, I have dirt on my archives...:)

I have enough empathy in me to feel badly for the both of them.

Ellie said...

I agree Nic...her son Daniel seemed to love her bunches!

Ice said...

Did they mentioned "tortured soul" on Larry King or something, because its funny you say that, Nic... my mother used the exact same terminology when referring to her.

I know she watched the LK special so figured maybe they had made some mention of tortured soul on there...

Ice said...

mentioned = mention... d'oh.

Brain and fingers aren't working so well together. MORE COFFEE!!!

Nicole said...

I don't watch LK Ice, so nope, I didn't get it I made that comment last Thursday or Friday.

She just reminded me of my cousin, who was also a tortured soul and died tragically at an even younger age ( 28)...I think because I am reminded of her, makes me have more empathy

( she doesn't remind me of my cousin because of looks or situations, but in the fact that they both led crazy, hard lives, and I think never felt that they were truly loved or were cherished.)

Ben said...

Live House Blog tonight over at my place. you down?

Tell all your house watchin' friends!

Ice said...

Whats a "live house blog?"

Ellie said...

We love the show 'house' and he was doing a post while the show was on tv and people would comment as it was going on!

Sounded like fun!