Saturday, February 17, 2007

She lost her hair....what about her mind?

Britney Spears has apparently shaved off all her hair in the middle of a nervous breakdown.
I hope her family seriously intervenes. She checked herself into and then less than 24 hours later out of she must know that she is going through something.
If she wants any kind of hope...girl better get help now!
Shout out to Brit's family....'WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?"


Ice said...

OMG!!! LOL!!! WTF!!!

Nikky said...

Wow, not that she was that pretty before, but holy crap, is she ever butt ugly now!!

She needs help, I hope she gets some! For her kids' sakes!

Ellie said...

I am thinking maybe she has post pardom depression. Her youngest is only 5 months old and she split from Kevin when he was only 2 months old.

Ice said...

I'm thinkin' shes an over priveledged-attention seeking-spoiled little brat :)

By her own decission making are all of her issues - "Issues"

And I agree Nikky she was absolutely NOTHING to look at before and perhaps the only thing that DID make her semi-attractive was her hair done up... so now she's just a lost cause... she looks hideous/ridiculous.

Hey, just because Sinead O'Conner could wear it, doesnt mean everyone can... and Brittney dear, you CANNOT.

RWA said...

I hope someone helps her before, Heaven forbid, she ends up like Anna Nicole Smith.

When I read the stories and hear the interviews with the folks at the salon and the tattoo parlor, something is wrong - possibly seriously wrong.

Sara said...

I think she lost herself in Hollywood and she is trying to see what fits now. Kinda like a goth teen, expressing what they want. But in the end it isn't what she wants it is what everyone else "doesn't want", that motivates her.