Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Doctor

So this is post 500. 500 and I wish I had something better to write about.

But instead I am feeling like a victim today. Or should I say my son, Tyler, was the victim today.
He had to get his shots, and like his mother he is a bit scared of shots.

I have learned to be a big girl now. After Tyler recieved so many shots his first hours of life, IV's and such, then in his first year had two major surgeries. I had no rights to complain.
I suffered through numerous amounts of shots when pregnant with Emma, and thank God for every one because I have been blessed with a perfect little girl.

But today, even I was scared by the mean nurse that had cared for my son. The taunting voice and the mean threats, and to add to it all, she left a hand print, bruised on my childs arm, from holding him so tightly.

And it was not the first time.

So here is my letter. (if you want to read it)

Dear Doctor (follow the link)


Just Dave said...

Good for you to stand up to this evil bitch. Most people just accept it, thinking that they are the professionals and they know best but that is crap. You have sadistic, insensitive jerks in the medical profession just as you do other professions. I hope she gets fired.

Ellie said...

yeah, talk about bitch. I think my letter may have been too nice. I am really pissed now though b/c the doctor's office hasn't called yet. They recieved the letter wednesday.

Takai's office is supposed to be the best in the area.