Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin symbol marks sex offenders' homes

Maryland has passed it that Sex Offenders must post this sign outside their house on Halloween.

To me (my opinion), I think it's too lenient. Why should the sign look like any other?

I like the judge in Kansas that ordered a sex offender to post this sign. He had to have one on his car and his house. The guy of course said that he thought the punishment was too severe, but what about what the children he molested are going to suffer with for the rest of their lives? Don't they deserve some assurance that this offender won't re-offend, and don't the people in his neighborhood deserve to know who is living next to them. I think the moment he committed the crime, he gave up his rights to live in peace.

I like New York, where the police will knock on your door and tell you that a sex offender has just moved in, They aren't allowed to live with family members or friends that have children, they aren't allowed to live with in a quarter mile of a school, and everything is posted on the net with the details of their crimes. But where do they go, they go to Coram, that creepy town in Long Island that has 45 high-risk registered sex offenders in the town, 17 on the same block and 7 in the same house. So I say put out a sign. And in the case of Coram...a BIG one!

Shit I would say, tattoo their arms....but to me.. I think that there is no rehabilitation for sex offenders. I think that sex offenders should get life in prison. I'm not saying that the 18 year old that got convicted of statutory rape of his 17 year old girl friend should (some of those laws need to be re-visited). I am saying that people who molest young children, rape, torture, people who rape women (& men) you get my drift, should go to prison with no possibility of parole. I would be willing to pay a little more in my taxes if it assured my children were safe(r)

Don't know how many live near you? Go to The National Registry of Sex Offenders

you might be surprised by the result.


nikki said...

Tattoo their foreheads. Or electric shock collars if they get withing 10 feet of a child.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Our local sheriff's department posts sex offenders in a database that includes photos, and details of their convictions.

I receive an email each time an offender in proximity to my house registers.

They can't participate in trick or treat here either. My only concern is that if I ever douse the lights and close the door on beggars night .. everyone will think I'm a sex offender.

I don't even have legitimate sex .. so, the only person I'm offending is myself. ;-)

Ellie said...

Nikki... I just say locked them up and throw away the key. Molestors in prison are labeled as bitches. I think it would be nice to know they are being raped everyday. Sound Spiteful? That's okay..I am cool with sounding spiteful. know all your pics look like Wilson from Home Improvement! I don't think they will label you as a sex offender, just a grumpy old man. :)
Besides, any parent with common sense and the internet has signed up for the alert or atleast searched the database to find out who is near them.

Woozie said...

Back in Maryland there was a sex offender living about a block away. I forget what specifically he was convicted of but he didn't come out of his house very often. And he had these huge privacy bushes in front of his door/patio thing. It was kinda creepy, but he moved out two years ago. The new people cut down the bushes and actually leave their house from time to time.