Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Was this the best Obama could do? And... a little extra from me.

With so many contending to be Obama's VP, was Biden really the best that he could do?
It's not like he can tote him around on his arm like a doll and say..."isn't he just dandy" like McCain can show his Palin candy off. This guy is not all that great looking and has the ability to stick his foot in his mouth more times than I can count. If you ask me, if kinda reminds me of Bill Clinton, you know, when Hillary just couldn't shut him up.
So what did he say that was so bad?
You better believe the McCain camp picked up on the blunder. But the blunder is important.
So far Obama (nor McCain) has mentioned what will need to be cut since the govt. decided on the 700 Billion$ bailout. Democrats always fall back on taxes. Sorry to all you Democrats that don't agree with me. So maybe this will be the first cut. Instead of the $250,000 year and under tax cut, it's now $150,000 a year. Families with double income are going to get hit under this plan. If you think makine $150,000 a year is crazy money for a double earning income family, I think your wrong. My two kids alone cost me close to $20,176 a year in child care, $6000 in basic medical, $10,400 in groceries $30,000 in mortgage payments, house hold bills are $8328 a year. And about then there are all the taxes taken from our paychecks. It really does leave little left over... but I don't make $150,000 a year.
Then there are those that say... well atleast you don't make under 50, 000 a year.. I can say yes atleast our double income doesn't bring in that little. But I also say it took me working 3 jobs to put myself through college for 5.5 years and I am still paying down $18,000 worth of student loans. I am only salaried at $41,000 a year personally and my husband works on commission.
I haven't had a raise in 4 years. (most likely due to Bush). But I work my ass off for that.
I shouldn't be penalized for that.
Post two leading from post one. Want to know where I came from?
I started my early years growing up in Washington DC. My mother was a single mom who got $25 a week from my dad in child support. I remember eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner. I remember being scared walking from our car to our apartment door. I remember when my step mother was mugged right in front of the building....
I remember my father always complaining about money and how if he had money, my life wouldn't be the way it was and he would see me more and provide for me more..yada yada yada.
But I always thought in the back of my mind...why don't you work harder daddy? I don't need fancy things... just a roof and some love.
Then my mother re-married. They got into a car accident shortly after they were married and my mother almost died. A law suit payout changed our life. They were able to by a nice rancher in the country and all of a sudden my world changed. I was no longer the only white girl in class, but became best friends with the only black girl, Monica, in class. My cloths weren't high end like everyone elses, so suddenly, I wasn't fitting in b/c of what I was wearing.
Though we had a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, my parents still had to work for everything, and work hard.
What they gave up for us to have a better life... I understand that now. So I give up so my children can have a better life. They are a bit more spoiled than I was. The scars of being teased b/c of my clothing stay with me. So my kids are always dressed nice. Though now, I shop at wal-mart for my cloths.
We started out in Germantown Maryland, and the neighborhood we thought we bought into , was not what it seemed. I would see kids that should of been locked in their rooms, roaming the streets at night, pants down to the knees on boys, and skirts showing butt cheeks on the girls. Yo this and yo that. Our cars were vandalized numerous times. After Tyler was born, I had enough. I didn't want my son remembering fear from his younger years like me.
So now we live in the country. My kids have toys I never had. Clothes I never wore. My son is enrolled in pre-k that we have to pay for, my daughter stays with an in-home nanny, and Michael and I do without. There are so many things we wish we had, but I see that after we left the house, my parents are finally living life. The sacrafice pays off when your kids are happy.

If our taxes go up anymore, I don't know how we will be able to keep providing the way we do.
I think to myself, should I feel greedy b/c my kids have these things, and other children don't. It's not my fault that other children don't. The best I can do is teach my children about how others are less fortunate. Tyler and I go shopping each year for toys to put in the toys for tots boxes. He was so upset last year giving up the toy, but after explaining it, he wanted to buy more. Now he runs to the people taking up collections, he accompanies me on breast cancer walks, helps me wrap the gifts, and is not hesitant giving his toys to those less fortunate when he is done with them. He even likes to grab a sponge and clean them before giving them away, so they look shiny and new.
I get sad sometimes b/c my real father is still in 'that' place in his life. Where he feels that he can't provide material things for his grand-kids, so he shuts himself out. He lives in a trailer that is in poor condition. It angered me so much that when one bill freed up, he went out and bought a car that now replaces that $500 monthly bill. I wanted to scream, "are you stupid". But I shook my head and thought, some people never change. All I ever wanted was time. I didn't think that time cost so much... but when it comes to me and my father, time costs alot. He just doesn't know it yet.


Anonymous said...

Well put and well thought. I'm thankful you've come into my life and Michael's. Your an amazing person!


Ellie said...

Thanks Jenn...
Michael logged on the other day and said... who is that? on my myspace.. I said duh your cousin Jenn...he was she looks good!!! I didn't know you talked to her....

well between us ladies...the men don't keep up do they?

You should come and visit sometime. We have plenty of room and would love to see you!

Anonymous said...

Two things:
1) Nothing has changed about Obama's plan. The NY Post has their story wrong. Obama said he will cut taxes for 95% of workers and families, and that nobody making under $250,000 will see their taxes increase. He did not say everybody making under $250,000 will get a tax cut. You can read his plan for yourself, here:

2) Your story is all fine and good, but you said yourself that you don't even make $150,000 a year. So where is your tax increase? You will see a tax cut, and families making even more than $100,000 more than you won't see an increase.

Ellie said...

point was, if they said they are taxing 250,000 and over...then reduce that to 150,000 and over...

what's to say they don't change thier minds again. I was saying I can't afford it.

I have been to his website and seen his plan. If you follow the site, you will know, that I am not an Anti-Obama person. I am just very confused as to where my vote is going, b/c it really really important.

I don't want my vote to go to waste. And hope that everyone eligible to vote, does so this year.

Anonymous said...

But they didn't reduce minimum income for who they are taxing! The plan is still the same that it has been. They haven't changed their mind. If they did start taxing people people who made your income more, then sure, it would be a problem. But they simply aren't, nor are they increasing taxes on people who make less than $250k.

And fair enough, regarding your vote.