Monday, October 27, 2008

how do you go on?

American Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson, lost her entire family (just about) in one day. There was hope that her Nephew would be found alive, but now it looks as though that hope is gone.

How does someone commit such an unspeakable crime?Jennifer's mother, brother, and nephew were all killed in one night.

Over the weekend, emotional pleas from the family were found on every news outlet, followed by Julian's picture.
A sweet, innocent, 7 year old little boy. How scared he must have been.

The thought makes me sick.

I sit here, honestly, trying not to cry.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Now we know that he's dead. I just can't get my mind around psychopathic behavior like that. I hope the police find out who did this.

Ellie said...

From what they know.. his father did it.

that is what I can't get my head around.

Celebrities let the public in their lives, and sometimes we think of them as not real... but knowing that Jennifer Hudson was on her way to ID Julian's body... just broke my heart.