Monday, October 27, 2008

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I used to question whether or not emotions were real. How can we go from one extreme to the next and think that it's normal to 'feeeel' that way?

How can one person be so totally in love with someone... and that person not be in love with them? You would think that there was some deep connection that caused someone to fall so deeply and helplessly in love with the other person, right?

So then there is the reverse. I understand hatred. But how can you loathe someone for something so ridiculous that happened 10-15 years ago? How can someone hold a grudge for that long and still get enraged talking about it?

How can someone that hasn't seen a person in 10 years, still feel 'love' . Or have a dream and wake up feeling sad it was just a dream?

Can you be in love with two people at the same time?

Then there is mother/child/ father/child love? That is crazy love... I would step over anyone for my children.

Then there are feelings of 'like' and 'fondness'...

and Sadness.... why cry?... does it help? but we cry.. and boy oh boy when I am I cry.
Sometimes I scream in my pillow I am so upset/hurt.

And there is always grief. We have all experienced grief.

you go on a myspace page and there are more than 50 way's to describe how you are feeling for the day/ your mood...

Where does this post come from? just a dream I had.

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e.Craig Crawford said...

When it comes to human emotions .. "normal" is just a setting on a washing machine, imo.

Sometimes we like to categorize emotions as right or wrong .. good or bad. Then there are the external influences that can trigger emotions. Complicated stuff.

But .. absent emotion, I think we would simply experience indifference.