Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential Debate: Drinking Game

Everytime they say one of the words on the drink (good'll need it)
-Let me be clear
-As I said before
-My Friends
-White House
-My Opponent
-My Fellow Americans
-Country First
-What I Would Do...
-Straight Talk
-Going To THe Poll
-Wall Street To Main Street
-Fundamental (Ellie's Favorite)

And When McCain says Horseshit again... down the bottle!


paz y amor said...

Well, I'm drunk on a school night thanks to you! :) I didn't even catch the "horseshit" line from the last debate. Did you catch him refer to Obama as "THAT one"? I thought it was a bit odd myself but we'll see how it plays out....

Ellie said...

Whatever know you were drunk before that post was up (wink wink)

I thought the sny comments from both were quite amusing!
Michael and I were saying...what if one throws a punch? Could you imagine two Presidential hopefuls throwing a punch?

Would that disqualify them?

Ellie said...

PS.. I thought it was funny when McCain said... "Did you hear the fine?"