Monday, April 06, 2009

April 7th, The proposal

Who doesn't like to hear about the proposal?
How about Before the proposal...

We were in the airport about to take off to Cali. I couldn't wait. Catalina Island was one of my favorite places to go and she sat patiently waiting off the coast for my arrival.

We loaded our luggage and made our way to security.
I went through and then Michael with his carry on bag.
All of a sudden the security officer stopped Michael, the following transpired:

"Sir, your going to have to open your bag"

Michael stood daughted.
He unlocked the bag and started laying the contents on the table.

Suddenly he pulled out a package wrapped in brown paper, taped together in white tape. I got a sick feeling in my stomach and my mouth dropped to the floor.
"Oh my God!!! Did someone slip you drugs??"

Michael looked at the security officer in embarrassment..."It's a gift for my girlfriend."

"Well sir, you are going to have to unwrap that!"

"Can you run it through the machine one more time? Please?"

The officer smiled, still a little gaurded. She ran the package through and was finally able to see it's contents. She smiled at Michael, handed the package back and wished us both a nice vacation.

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