Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A month of memories ; April 1st. Fools Day.

So how appropriate would it be to share my worst April Fools prank.

It was exactly 4 months after we moved into the new house. Tyler was soundly sleeping and the phone rings. I thought "dang, it's not even 7 in the morning" I answer.
On the other end I hear someone crying my name. "Hello???"

"Elnora, I've been hit, he came out of now where and it hurts"

"MICHAEL!!! Oh my God! Where are you?"

all I heard was crying... "MICHAEL?"....

"Elnora it was a big tracker trailer, he hit me....oh god!"

"Where are you Michael, where are you?" I became a bit hysterical and started to cry. Tyler was sleeping, what would I do?

"I am on the road by the house!"

I whisked Tyler up out of his bed, wrapped him in a warm blanket. Never mind that I was in my underwear, I started to run with the portable phone on my ear out of the house, crying and frantically looking for my husband. "Where are you Michael, I don't see you" I was crying and running so fast that I fell.

Then I heard it.
I couldn't believe it.

Followed by an "APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!"
Well I am trying to keep this site a little clean, so let's just say I screamed things I never thought my mouth could scream. Hung up the phone and went into my house sat on my couch and cried.
I thought my husband was dying.
When he came home, he's lucky he didn't!


Rachel said...

Wow. That's harsh. I would have gone domestic on my SO's a** if he'd ever done that to me!

Ellie said...

yeah.. I did.

I think I was more hurt than anything.