Wednesday, April 29, 2009

month of memories April 29th

I thought to myself...

"I loved this dress when I saw it" I felt so pretty when I tried it on, and boy did my eyes light up when he bought it for me.
I sure did look like a mommy to be, happy and light.

But not today, My favorite holiday. I had my Easter dress, my Easter Bonnet, all ready for church with no husband to walk me through the door. The hot streaks of my tears ran my make-up.
I didn't think that this was how it was going to be. Sure the baby was a surprise, but I was happy. Plans change, I wasn't going to grad school either.

"not today," I thought, "I am supposed to be pretty today, and happy"
I heard a car door shut and I ran to the window.

He came. All the way to my mothers, he drove down and here he was, dressed in a Sunday suit, holding a big Easter Basket. Althought I was hurting, my heart fluttered a bit. It was going to be okay.

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