Thursday, April 02, 2009

Month of Memories. April 2nd

So I got the call!
I was no longer the only mom in the group. Katie, friends since we were 13, was in labor.
Michael and I rushed to the hospital so we would make it in time. Talk about a big hospital!! We got lost. I thought to myself that knowing Katie, that baby would be out in no time.
I made my way to her room and to my surprise, mom & dad were there...and some other friends as well.
I think it only took an hour before the doctor told her it was time to push. Wow..took me 29 and I still didn't deliver naturally. I went to leave the room to give them privacy, but to my surprise she asked me to stay.
I sat awkwardly in the corner of the room and watched as Katie gave birth to a beautiful 9 pound little girl named Gwenevere.
The entire scene was a bit surreal. Katie's dad paced behind the curtain only listening to the birth. I and another friend sat in the corner watching the shabang! and Momma Cowley stood by her daughter....shoving her cell phone in her face so that she could talk to her sister directly afterward.


At that point I decided that there were to be no phones in my delivery room.
Happy Birthday Gwennybear!

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