Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 8th. Over the Hump day

The music was loud...bangin' loud. My blood was running thin. I swear I could feel the beats dancing on my skin. Looking to my right I noticed my BFF having words with this tiny skank of a girl. The skank wasn't backing down. I gave it a few ...looked back over and the girl just wouldn't step off.

So I made her.
It became a battle of curse words, pushes and shoves, until skank dumped her beer down my white blouse...It was on like donkey kong! Then it happened...suddenly I felt a warm hand around my throat and my feet were lifting off the floor! I couldn't breath as I stared up the nostrils of some amazon sheman. We later named her Mama Balooga. My hands started flaling around trying to slap her and I let out these awful little squeaks. (totally intentional..right) Wow..I couldn't get her off me. Seconds seemed like minutes. I heard a bunch of "put her down!!!" comments and muffled yelling. When a hand reached up and slapped her across the face. I could finally breath. The guy that had been macking on me all night had taken action and actually had to hit her to get her to let go.

Security started to jump in and almost tackle...we were all escorted to the door. Mama Balooga was shown the way out with her skank girlfriend, we on the other hand..friends with security..were escorted to the bar. :)

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