Monday, April 06, 2009

A Month of Memories, April 6th.

I remember hearing the chirping and looking down to see a little bird struggling in the grass.
I knew better than to touch it, but there was no nest above and he was so small.
I picked him up thinking that I could get him some food and feed him till he was able to fly.
Even though my second thoughts were screaming at me, it was already too late, he was in my little hands. If I put him down now, he would surely die.

I looked up to see my step-father rounding the corner. I was going to get in trouble for touching him, I had to hide him quick. I tossed him as gently as I could into the bush next to me hoping he would have a gentle landing.

When I came back only minutes later to check on him and rescue him once more, I found that the fall had broken his neck.
I was so young, maybe I knew better, maybe I didn’t, but the thought of it still haunts me and I feel no less guilty 24 years later.

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