Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The only reason I keep my job is b/c I need the healthcare benefits. My company pays the majority, but I still pay 397 per month for medical and 60 for dental. With dental they only pay 1000 out a year, so I am saving 240 a year IF I need dental work. But now when I need my medical the most it seems it's crappin out on me. This happened the last pregnancy. Medical had 18k worth of outstanding bills between delivery and NICU. It took me 6 months to get them to pay it. Now I am sick again and unlike last time they only cover 20 pills a month. HELLO!!! the month is 31 days long??? What the fuck do I do the other 11 days? Not to mention I am supposed to have 2 pills a day. I would say screw it and pay for it myself, but at $40 a pill..who could afford it?
So I sit and lie in bed all day and night moaning and groaning b/c I am so sick with no relief. How do insurance companies get away with medical rape? We are helpless to the machine...can't our government do anything?

And get this...if you don't have medical insurance..then hospitals will charge you double the fee they would if you HAD medical insurance..? WTF??? why different standards?


Ice said...

Yikes... insurance sure is different here... my hubby's job pays 100% dental...($50 deductable each year for the family) to no max and 100% medical($2/prescip.)... no max of pills... or prescriptions... We also have chiro/naturopath/massage/glasses,eye exams etc coverage... that does seem odd that they only cover a max of 20 pills, I couldnt imagine!!! And you pay $400 bones a month for that? We pay 0!

Plus we have our Health cards here in Ontario which pays for the doctor visits/specialist appointments/ultrasounds etc.

We're pretty lucky with our Provincial health care, and certain companies offer great health benefits.

I hope you get an alternative soon, that does sound like a HUGE rip off!

Ellie said...

so funny you left a comment when you did...I was visiting your place. My deductible is $2500 a year for hospital or outpatient. I pay $15 for regular prescription and $30 for the good stuff. $25 per doc visit and $60 for the specialty docs. Maybe I should move to Canada!

Ice said...

yeah, we're extremely lucky with our healthcare... although some would disagree... maybe they should read what you just wrote and maybe they won't cry about it anymore... We're extremely fortunete... there can be waits for hospitals because they are full... but what country doesnt have waits... and for specialists...but I know from my own personal experience that if its an emergency they get you in within 2 weeks... from myself and from many family members battling cancers etc. So that to me seems fair.

Geez... you should put that "arm and leg" picture up on this thread too... feckin expensive!

counter-coulter said...
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counter-coulter said...

We are helpless to the machine...can't our government do anything?

Our government DID try to do something, but got crucified in the process. Remember "Hillary Care" and how the insurance companies reacted? They slashed premiums and did their "Harry and Louise" commercials convincing everyone that everything was just peachy and there was no need for the big, bad government to interfere with insurance. Or how the Republicans railed that universal healthcare or a Canadian-style system was tantamount to socialism?

Their propaganda worked and everyone went back to sleep only to be awakened again years later with sky-rocketing premiums and situations like yours.

counter-coulter said...

Sorry about the double post...blogger was acting strange (as usual).

Aeneas the Younger said...


The Canadian System looks pretty good right about now, eh?

Contrary to US Republican propaganda, our is NOT a socialist system. The Doctor;s are all private practitioners, who bill the Government-Taxpayer for the services.

Business loves this system, as it means they do not have to provide healthcare benefits beyond Vision, Chiropractic, and Pharamaceuticals.

This all makes business up here more efficient than US businesses.

As well, people donot stand to low their homes and equity should they become catastrophically ill.