Sunday, January 28, 2007

My first Kiss!

I don't know why I was thinking about this today, But for some reason I was recalling my first kiss. I wonder who's first kiss was perfect and un-awkward in every way. Let me share mine with you...

It was with Jesse, I was 14. My sister had showed me how to french kiss using the back of our hands, but I don't think it quite pre-pared me for that night. We were away at a church retreat of all places. I had been seeing Jesse off and on for a bit. One night all the kids from church got together in the boys dorm to play a good ol' game of spin the bottle. My turn, my spin lands on Jesse...and there ya have it. My first kiss was in front of a bunch of horny teenagers playing spin the bottle at a church retreat and I was so nervous I licked his face!

Anyone else want to share?


Nicole said...

I remember my first kiss very was with the sweetest boy...there was no tongue involved...just several sweet kisses...and lots of butterflies!!!!

I liked this boy so much, he was my brother's friend. I even named my son's middle name after him.
but, shhhhhh, that's a secret!!!
not the name, my whole family obviously knows and know the name, they just don't know about 3 secret little kisses...!!!!

Ellie said...

do you remember your first kiss with your hubby Nic?

Mine with Michael was funny. He had been asking me out for months and for a very specific reason I denied him over and over and actually stood him up once. We met up at our favorite club with friends and we got soooo tipsy. We were dancing and I laid a big ol' smacker on him and we couldn't stop kissing! He looked at me and said..."so does this mean you'll go out with me?" ...and of course I went out with him. Best date I have ever had!

Nicole said...

No, I don't remember it...isn't that awful of me???
Keep in mind that in August we will have been together for 18 years...
but this I can tell you. My husband said that the moment we met, and he looked into my eyes he instantly knew he wanted to marry me.
I was still so committment shy and mistrustful of men and I was certainly not looking to be in a relationship either. After all I had gone thru with the phsycopath I had dated, I had sworn off men ( haha, at the tender age of barely 19!!! :) )
3 days after we met, my hubby asked me to go for a ride on his motorcycle and he drove me down to this beautiful lake. He pulled over at this romantic spot, but I refused to take off my helmut...I wasn't letting him have any kisses. lol
He still teases me about holding out on him!!!
I ended up 2 weeks later in the hospital with a severe kidney infection, my mom was in England at the time if you can imagine and I had nobody. He was there for me Ellie, and it wasn't pretty...when my DR decided to admit me, I was throwing up bile every 10 minutes and it was so gross. He had a nice mustang car at the time and I was so worried I was going to puke in it on the way to the hospital, he had to stop like 5 times .

I was admitted for 8 days and he took the time to be there with me every spare second he had and that's what made me fall in love with him...he showed me that I could trust a man and that he was the kindest, most caring and considerate one I had ever met. Period.
So, I can't recall our first kiss, but I can recall the moment I knew I loved him!!!!

Ellie said...

aside from the vomit, that is how it was for me too. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to let Michael in. My parents fell in love with him in an instant. My dad at one point pleaded with me never to hurt Michael b/c he was like a son to him. I was like..gee thanks for the vote of confidence. But I was wild...I understood.

After my first date with Michael I came home and my dad how was your date..I looked at him with wonder in my eyes and said "Dad...he talked to me...then entire time..he opened my doors and brought me flowers.." my dad looked at me shaking his head and said "Elnora, that's how it was always supposed to me" I cried.

My next date with him was almost cancelled b/c I had to babysit my brother and his friend. I thought surely Michael wouldn't want anything to do with my annoying kid brother...nope not Mike...he said Bring him along!

It was a nice and refreshing change.

RWA said...

Hmmmm...a church retreat where you play Spin The Bottle and french kiss guys.

That's impressive!

Ellie said...

We also toilet papered the pastors room and hid his bed in his closet....

Hey wait a sec here sharing the first kiss? Men have em too!

RWA said...

That was a long, long, long time ago, ellie. I don't remember much about it.

That's bad, I know.

Nikky said...

I think I was in the 6th grade, his name was Jason. It was so wrong, I don't know what I was thinking! First off, he was blond (Not that there's anything wrong with that, persay, I have just come to form a better opinion of what 'good looking guy' entails... and blond hair is NOT it)Second of all, he was a grade younger than me... another lesson learned, younger men are NOT the answer.
He walked me home from school, and about halfway between the school and my house, he just sort of grabbed me and kissed me. I really had no say in the matter. It was awkward and icky. I did not like it. No tongue, just a peck, but it was icky.

Ice said...

Me and a girlfriend of mine used to go to this guy Jeremy's(along with his friend D.J) house after school in grade 6 and we'd all go up to his very impressive tree fort... we'd take turns kissing the 2 boys. This went on for months, LOL. Nothing too impressive just close your eyes and kiss for 10 seconds/20 seconds or whatever. The tongue ones came later that year at house parties with the usual " spin the bottle " or that closet game, can't remember what its called... ( go in the closet and mess around for a couple minutes )

By the time I was in grade 8(14) I was dating a guy in grade 10 and we were into much more stuff, lol.

I grew up kinda fast :)

Ice said...

Younger men aren't bad Nikky... well, some aren't. I'm 28 and my hubby is 25 :) He's more of a man than my ex at 37!

Nicole said...

well, younger guys aren't the marrying kind, that I can agree with...but they are DEFINITELY the fool around and have fun kind!!!


Woozie said...

This is odd, I've never had a non-family kiss. Countless hugs and the occasional inappropriate touching-through-clothes, but no kissing.

Ellie said...

goodness Ice!!! lol! Men are such bad influences on us young innocent and impressionable ladies...right?

Ellie said...

I can't agree on the younger men thing though...hubby is younger than me and way more of a man than my ex that was 4 years older than me.

Ice said...

Nicole, mine was the marrying kind... :) He's both the marry and fool around and have fun type! lol

I got lucky, I guess!

Ice said...

Nice Ellie.. you're guy is younger too... thats 2 of us that just proved the "younger man stereo types" wrong!!!

Same with mine... My ex is now 37, and the other 31... I'm 28 and my hubby is 25... and he at 25 is more successful/intelligent/mature than the so called men from before.

Strange but true. Never judge a man by his age... NEVER.

Ben said...

I'm a little late in the game, but mine's pretty good.

I was at summer camp. I was dating the most beautiful girl I'd ever dated (ok. she might have been the ONLY girl ive ever dated, but she was still hot).

I was 13. Time was pressing. I didn't have the nerve until about 4 days before the end of camp. We were saying goodnight, staring at each other. I just leaned in, kissed her softly, and eventually the tongues got involved. It was so awesome.

Then, the magic quickly faded away. I realized I needed to somehow retreat to my cabin with out her, or anyone else for that matter, noticing my raging hard-on that was sticking out like a sailboat's boom from my shorts.

Ben said...

Oh, and the first kiss with my wife? Ohhhh sooooo romantic:

We were drunk, and in the can at my brother's party.

Ben said...

Coincidently, that one also ended with a raging hard-on.

Ellie said...

your too f*ing funny!!!!!