Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hold your wee for a Nintendo Wii

Woman dies after water-drinking contest
So in Sacramento California the radio station KDND 107.9 decided to hold a water drinking contest. Contestants that got shitty gifts for Christmas went on the show to see who could drink the most water without throwing up or peeing. Jennifer Strange, 28, mother of three, was one of those contestants. Dj's made all contestants sign a waiver but it is unclear if the waiver stated they could possibly die from this event. Listeners kept calling the station warning the Dj's of a condition called water intoxification and warned that the contestants could die. They didn't listen and went on with the contest. Jennifer was one of two left standing and decided to quit b/c of nausia and severe headache. She walked into the radio's studio after the contest was over and all the dj's commented how she looked pregnant, just because of how much water was in her body. And they laughed She was found dead in her home later that evening. Cause of death, water intoxification.
This story really saddens me. I hope that the Dj's and the radio station heads are held responsible for this woman's death. She has 3 small children at home with no mother now. Did they do their research before this stupid stunt. All personnel that were apart of the show were fired, but I don't think it should stop there. I am really curious to see how this one will pan out.


e.Craig said...

This is truly sad, and no amount of criminal charges or civil lawsuit awards will bring this young mother back to her family.

Water toxicity deaths are so rare that most people are not aware of the danger. But, employees at the radio station were. Some culpability exists. Common sense should have told them to not attempt such a contest.

Woozie said...

I heard about this a while ago, and I honestly don't know what to think. On one hand, this woman's devotion to making her kids happy is really touching and inspiring, but on the other hand, that kind of contest should just sound like a bad idea, even if she didn't know about water intoxification. For example, what if her bladder literally burst? I'm fairly sure having that much urine in your blood isn't a good thing.

The radio station definitely shares the majority of the responsibility. I hold off on saying "all" because a part of me thinks she should have known better.

Nicole said...

I think that this is typical of the society that we have become...all these jack-assy stunts to draw attention and sensationalize different acts.
Sad, really, it is, sad.

Rhianna said...

Wow, water toxicity isn't deemed a threat to the non-military world? AFN (our tv channel) runs announcements from the Army and Air Force all the damn time (Marines are trained to know it and well, the Navy lives on it...).

The fact they were told about it, ignored it, and continued makes them more than just a little liable. I agree with e.craig. NO amount of money or admitting (or being forced to admit) guilt is going to bring her back or take away the hole left.

Wow, they canceled the show - oh me oh my, such responsible people, no?!? Dude, 8oz of water every 15 minutes? So in a 2 hour period they drank the recommended amount of daily water intake, without passing any through the body? Yeah, that's a great idea.

She was a bit of a twit for doing it, especially for some stupid electronic piece of shit that will be "obselete" come 3 months from now when the "NEW" game system comes out but COME ON!! The fact these morons - and murder commiting morons at that - gave these people lethal levels of water is more than cancelling a show will fix.

Ellie said...

That is how I feel Rhianna. You would think that a radio show doing a contest would look into the possible effects of what they were doing and maybe have medical staff on stand by if there were a threat. I wish the woman had been smart enough to go to the hospital if she was feeling that ill. I really is sad.

RWA said...

Just when you thought you'd seen just how stupid and ignorant people could be...

The guys that ran that show/contest should face charges. I can tell you right now they'll be paying a lot of money to the family (as will the station, most likely).

It doesn't bring anyone back or make up for the family's loss - but perhaps it sends a message the next time some radio geniuses want to try something that outrageous.

Aeneas the Younger said...

I can't believe that all involved didn't know about this dangerous condition.

Surely, the station's Lawyers vet such promotions for legality and liability.

It sounds like a whole bunch of people ignored the due diligence provisions of business law.

Jeff M Ohio said...

Although this is a tragic event, it is not illegal in any way shape or form. When you sign a waiver...any take on the responsibility that whatever happens the station is not at fault. It's covering your butt 101. They warned of health risks and to quit if anyone was feeling sick. The other contestants verified that.
By now a civil suit has been brought against the station and 8 people have been fired. Was it dumb? Yes. But so is not peeing for a game console.
Technically, the civil suit should not be granted, but we live in a society where if something happens (regardless of your decisions) SOMEONE ELSE must pay for it.