Friday, January 19, 2007

No peace for for the God Father

Due to arguing in the family about property, money and burial grounds, James Brown has still not been buried. He died December 25, 2006. The family has been building a mausoleum for James, but it won't be done for at least another month. Right now the Godfather of Soul remains at his home in a temperature controlled room.
Ummmm....eww! When will this man be able to rest in peace?


Nicole said...

I think it also has to do with the will and his estate.
I saw on the news yesterday that his youngest son...the one that his "wife" paraded around to interviews, was left out of the will. Man, did James Brown ever breed...I think it said that only 7 of his kids were in the will.

Ellie said...

His last kid..the little one left out of the will was with his 'wife' yes, they married I think in 2001, but she was previously married and they found out in 2003 that it was never annulled so a judge said they were not legally married. But they stayed together. She is suing for 50% of his estate. Even as a wife she is only entitled to 1/3..IF a court says she is legally his wife.