Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't know what it is...but


Blueberry pies, jellos, pops, yogurt...ick ick ick ick!

I love McDonalds yogurt parfaits but I sit here for about 5 minutes picking every last blueberry out of the damn thing. If I get one in my mouth I will puke it out!!!! I was born and raised country and from what I hear, my momma can make a mean blueberry pie, I don't care...I AIN'T EATIN' IT!

In the comments Nic says she loves Saskatoon Nic...If it looks like a blue berry, smells like a blue berry, remotely tastes like a blue berry...ick!
Here is a Saskatoon Berry


RWA said...

What? If you refuse to eat blueberries, you cannot claim to have been born and raised country.

That's awful.

Ellie said...

Hey now... I eat peaches!

Nicole said...

I loves me some blueberries!! Sorry Ellie!!

I love them almost as much as cherries!!!

But I have to say I do love Saskatoon Berries, a saskatchewan native berry, more then probably wouldn't like them either...maybe when i said the baby a present, I will send some S'toon syrup or something...I'll look into what's allowed across our borders!!! lol

Ice said...

I'm not big on blueberries either, Ellie...I'd have to say my berry of choice is the Raspberry... I love raspberries:) yum yum yum...

I really like them in a smoothie/frozen yogurt I make in the blender... van. ice cream, vanila yogurt, and raspberries... OMG... to DIE FOR! Totally fattening, but damn tasty!

I hate raisins probably like you hate blueberries... SOOO GROSS!

Groover said...

Blueberries goooood! I have a frozen fruit smoothie all the time. Not that there's anything wrong with hatin' BB's...


Nicole said...

Ellie!! hahahah

I do have to point out, that although they may seem similar, blueberries are plumper and blue-er and have a perfect round shape, S'toon berries are more purpley and have that puckered look to them, RT once called them alien-shaped!! :)

and they both have very distinct, different tastes.
If I ever get your ass here, you'll see.....bwahahahaha

oh, they also now make a specialty liquoer here now out of S'toon berries.

and I am glad that there are people out there that don't like them...all the more for people like me and RWA that do!!!

Ellie said...

you can have them all!

Nicole said...

Damn!!! Ellie, everytime I click over and see those S'toon berries, it makes me miss summer even more!!!

We had a huge blizzard here last night and it is -41 out. When I let my daughter in for lunch, it was like arctic air swirling in the house.

Ozzy O. always lurks around, trying to stick his nose outside and today that buggar ran like the wind to get AWAY from the door...he even gave me a look like going was priceless!!!
who says animals don't have personalities!!!???!!!

Ellie said...

oooh I feel a post coming on!

RWA said...

OK, you get some credit for peaches. But no blueberries??!?!?!?

Come on.

Ellie said...

liking sweet tea should earn me some points too...