Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh baby it's cold out there

Nic said:
Damn!!! Ellie, everytime I click over and see those S'toon berries, it makes me miss summer even more!!!
Got me thinking. What is it about summer? So many people in the summer around here say they can't wait for snow in the winter. Me...I hate snow. I tolorate it now b/c I like to see my son go outside in it. We haven't been fortunate enough to see snow yet this year, but it is a cool 30 degrees out. Nic made me flash back...summer.
When I think summer, I can't wait to take my son to the waterpark. He loves the slides. I love eating outside with my family with the porch lights on and the smell of the grill going. I love sitting my pitcher outside with some tea and fresh mint so it will brew in the sun. I do love the beach but when it's not too hot out. I love playing fetch with my pups, going to the zoo, visiting the harbor in Baltimore and going shopping. I like the frequest get togethers with family. And the nice vacation to where ever every year. This year we will look forward to baby #2.
I remember summers as a kid. We would always go to the same beach for vacation and meet up with the rest of the family. That part was nice. But dad always had a new car because he always bought used cars. I remember one year driving to the beach in the Green Monster , that is what my sister and I used to call it. I don't even know what type of truck it was, but it was a gas guzzling beast. My parents would roll all the windows down and mess our hair b/c there was nothing like natural ac (when the car didn't have any). If you looked down to the floor, you could see the road moving under your feet b/c of the holes the truck had in the floor. To top it off our parents would make sure when ever a cute boy drove by to honk the horn and point to their mortified girls in the back..... Oh those summer days!
What is it about summer you miss?


Nicole said...

I miss sitting outside in my backyard, around our firepit.

We always have people over, whether it be family\friends or both, we cook on our firepit { we are allowed actual firepits here, like the ones in actual's a hollowed out hot water tank.}

I love dusk, when it's a little cooler out and you sit by the crackling wood, with the heady smell of all of my flowers waffling in and out, the sound of the frogs croaking in the creek, and the absolutely beautiful Prairie skies that go on and on , and you could spend hours counting the gazillion, bazillon stars.

A favourite past-time of mine is eating fresh, so ripe they are almost black, BC cherries, sitting around the husband thinks it is disgusting watching us spit the cherry pits into the fire!!! lol

I also miss thunderstorms...won't see any of those until May-ish.

Nicole said...

Hey I left a comment...did it take it...all of a sudden it went blank!!

Ellie said...


Nicole said...

well damn it anyway!!!

I said something to the effects of I miss most of all the evenings at Dusk, sitting around my firepit, with the crackling wood, the heady smell of my beautiful flowers, waffling in and out, the sound of the frogs craoking in the creek, all while I eat fresh, so ripe they are almost black BC cherries.


Ellie said...

don't forget the wild parties in Nics backyard.

I wish I could come to one.

Nicole said...

well, damn THAT's a given!!!


this summer would be no good anyway..your preggers and couldn't have one of my infamous shooters!!!

one day, Ellie, one day!!!

Hey drop in at Jay' a heated debate going on with some chick called Torian

Woozie said...

Nothing really. My summers are usually pretty boring. Sometimes I even look forward to going back to school.

Oh, and one thing about beaches--once you've seen the crystal-clear water and white sands in Hawaii, mainland beaches are hideous.

Ellie said...

Woozie, as I and you both know, you don't have to go to Hawaii to know that the mainland beaches are shiteous!

You have been to Hawaii...oh man am I jealous of you!!! I have been to was okay.

I do like the waterpark in Germantown! but it's not hawaii.

i have OceanShitty

Ellie said...

I mean I hate ...not have...

he he he

RWA said...

What exactly does "shiteous" mean?

What do I NOT miss about summer? The friggin' humidity we have here. Ugh.

Ellie said...

sorry...rwa...beaches around here are poo poo.

We suffer from the humidity as well. sticky icky poo makes it feel like 110 when it's 95

Hypersonic said...

It's always summer here...hehehehe.

RWA said...

I wasn't offended by "shiteous." I've just never heard the word!

Humidity is utterly disgusting.

Ellie said...

I never thought that baby...:)

Ellie said...

I found your comment Nic...looky looky!