Friday, November 03, 2006

Ba Humbug already roundin' the corner!

Well the season is fast approaching. You would think that this time of year is a happy one for me. After all I have a beautiful family to spend the holidays with and some would be all alone. Well the holiday grinch has already showed his face for me yet again this year. Being 29 I thought that I would have control over my holiday where abouts by now. I thought that when I got married and then again when I had a child that the holidays would be "mine". I come from a very 'torn' background. Every year I had to decide which parent I was going to spite and which holiday. If I spent Thanksgiving with my mother, then Christmas would be with my father, BUT, not the entire Christmas. I would spend the eve with dad, then be rushed off in the morning to mom's or vice versa. So now, mom is re-married, dad re-married then divorced and is living with another woman, then we have hubby's family that is divorced as well. I am still close with my step-mother, mother of my brothers, so I have that house as well and it figures that everyone would live more than an hour apart. So this year I decided to host Thanksgiving and everyone could come to my house. One Big Happy Family.....peace for once. Well brother is flying to cali, Mother to NC, Sister will stop by for an hour, mother in law has already critisized the menu, father will not is not coming with new woman and sister in law is coming AFTER dinner. My first Thanksgiving....nice.
SO I decided that this year for Christmas I would go to my mother's on the Eve and come home with hubby and child that night to wake up Christmas morning, just the three of us, no pressure, on the 1st Christmas morning in our new home. Sweet, Personal, Simple,.....peace. ...finally....

Well now my mother is crushed that she is not coming over Christmas Eve to spend the night and see her grandson open gifts in the morning..........b..a...h..u..m..b..u..g! What do I do?


Anonymous said...

Get a bottle of your favorite alcohol and watch "Christmas Vacation." That will provide the answers to your questions.

Nicole said...

El, I am coming back for this just made me dredge up bitter memories....and i am already wishing it was into January!!! LOL

Don said...


Do what is right for you, your husband and child. If that includes having your mother there in the morning, then ask her over, but I'm betting it's going to her place on the eve of, and then coming home and having a "core family" day.

Explain it to your mother that you and the family need, it! She will be hurt for a while, but will come to understand it.

e.Craig said...

Yep, Don is right. Know your boundaries, and stick to 'em. Just tell Mom that this Christmas morning is special there in your new house. I can't imagine she would not understand once she gets past the initial hurt feelings.