Monday, November 27, 2006

I know he heard the WOOOSH!

Shopping, Saturday, had to pee like a mo fo! So we went into Best Buy so Hubby could stare at all the 56 inch televisions we were not going to buy, and I could use the toilet. I walk into the bathroom and there is some best buy employee teen talking on her cell phone. I wasn't sure if she was trying to hide, but I had to pee. On my way back to the stall I hear her talking "Yes, I will be by this afternoon Mr. so and so to fill out the paperwork" immediately this did not sound like an unimportant phone call. So there I was, peeing, very loudly in an echoing bathroom, she is still talking with no signs of letting up. I wasn't going to stop my routine b/c her dumbass couldn't find a better place to talk than in a public bathroom. I know he hear the WOOOOOOSH! It was not quite at all, and just to rub it in a bit I took my time washing my hands. It was the least I could do, since someone had the pleasure of listening to me pee!


RWA said...

Good for you!!!! I never have understood people who talk on the phone in the bathroom - especially people who are on the phone and using the bathroom at the same time.


Alistair! said...

There's a moral in that story somewhere...but I'm darned if I can see it!

Ellie said...

I am sure there is Alistair.

You know we went to the movies that same night and the chick next to me was talking on her cell during the movie. It took me giving her one really nasty look and putting my arm on the only arm rest left, for her to get the hint!

Alistair! said...

when some bastid does that I get loud and very vocal about how they are scum that should have been drowned at birth. I hate cell phones in movie theatres. That's mostly why I don't go nowadays.