Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I finally did it...

I have become quite the ebay junkie has my hubby. But it seems that I have been able to find everything I have been wanting at cheaper prices. So I thought that there has to be something to this ebaying, if people like me are out there buying other people's used shit, then maybe I should sell mine. Last month I won a Tiki Barber Autographed Jersey from a charity auction. But when it came in the mail it had no certificate of authenticity with it. Hubby thought I got ripped off. So I decided to try and get my money back by putting it on ebay. I SOLD IT! I also made a $75 profit. I feel great...momma needs a new pair of really I do b/c my stupid dog ate mine last night!
So is that wrong of me to do that??? I explained where I bought it from, what my reserve was and did not offer a certificate. I kinda feel bad, but then again I don't. I know the thing is real. Hubby is just a stickler for those types of things. I ended up putting an old engagement ring on ebay too. I have 8 watchers but no takers yet. It is a great price for the ring. 1/2 carat for $350..put it in a new setting and you have a new ring. A really pretty one too. I am not going to wear it.

I wonder what else I could put on ebay. I think we should all come up with some ridiculous item to "our dirty little secret" and see how much we could fetch for it. Maybe someone will buy my doggy bitten shoes???? What do you think we should sell?


Anonymous said...

My brother sells all sorts of things on eBay. I don't think anything was wrong with the Barber jersey; you presented it honestly, and someone bought it.

You should file a complaint against the person you bought it from, though - especially if they said it would have a certificate.

I buy things often on eBay - mainly collectibles. I've had a couple of problems (one that resulted in about 25-30 folks from all over the country getting together and filing charges that put one jerk in jail).

I also had a neighbor who would go to outlet malls, buy stuff on clearance, then sell it on eBay for a nice profit.

Nicole said...

If we had kept diaries Ellie, just THINK how much we could fetch for those...

Ellie said...

AAAHHH HAAAA!! But I did Nic.. I did!!!

that is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

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