Thursday, November 30, 2006

Since it has been a popular discussion....

This is what a Penis Flower looks like....and no I am not kidding. Some Actually call it a dick weed. It's real name is Amorphophallus titanum.

Bit of the article:
"There comes a time in a flowering plant’s life when it must learn about the birds and the bees, involve them in its sex life and produce a beautiful blossom. One plant sprouts a 60-plus-inch phallus, heats up, stinks like a corpse, does its best to attract carrion beetles and flesh flies and, after three pungent days of sexual activity, goes limp."

Apparently it takes 8 years to raise one of these bad boys! Go here to read the full article. I hope this clears the air ya'll...but not if a penis flower is near!


Nicole said...

You know, it is so obscene looking that it is almost attractive!

Wouldn't this be something to send to someone at an office!!!

Or have delivered to a church for a funeral!!!

oh, my bad!!!

Ellie, go look at Sara's, she has a good thread going about Brit and some of jay's comments are priceless!!!

Jay said...

That is so cool. Big botany freak here. Have two banana plants and coffee growing in my home plus 30 other plants.

Ellie said...

30 'OTHER' plants Jay...hmmmm...can you smoke any of them?

Jay said...

They've been harvested. Shhhh