Thursday, November 02, 2006

Target shmarget fuggetaboutit!

I went to Target during my lunch hour. I know they have this new return policy...I returned a gift Ty got for his birthday a few weeks ago for a different toy that was "older". This time hubby bought some pj's for Ty and bought a 3T...(husbands)Ty wears a 2T. So I thought, simple exchange, shouldn't be a problem. I thought wrong. I came back with the new PJ's and about $120 worth of other stuff in my basket. The girl asked for the reciept, I told her I didn't have one, She said she could go off the credit card, hubby and I don't have the same credit card number, her reply "You DON'T have the same credit card" I answered her no. So she wanted my lisence. The she says "you have returned something here w/o a reciept b4 so I cannot take this back" My jaw dropped to the floor. I said "first of all, I am not returning, I am exchanging for the same item, just a different size". She continued to argue with me. I told her to call hubby and ask for his credit #, she wouldn't so I told her to get a manager. The manager was okay with accomodating me, but the cashier girl sat there and argued with her manager in front of me! I could of just left all the shit in my cart there for return girl to go put away.
I really thought that this policy was I the only one? I think Target just lost my business.


Anonymous said...

You should have said, "You know what? Forget it."

Just walked out and left the cart full of stuff sitting there. I bet the manager would have ripped the clerk for that one.

And what kind of manager lets a clerk be disrespectful in front of a customer?

Ellie said...

I should of... but I really loved the pj's.. they had little monkeys all over them and matched the robe we just bought him...

I think that I will boycott them for awhile.

Thing is, I know about their return policy so I always save the receipt.. but this time, hubby bought it and I didn't think they would make such a stink over an exchange... come on now!

Ellie said...

the clerk gave me such dirty looks too...bitch

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how picky some clerks and stores get.

Nicole said...

When I was in Vancouver BC in April, we went across the border to a town called Bellingham Washington. We went to the Target there and I found it to be an over priced Kmart...but thats just me!! havent dropped in for our LOST talk...last night was good too!!!