Friday, November 03, 2006


Casual Slack Has tagged me over at her place
Name 13 Random facts about myself...Here goes.

I love burnt pepperoni

I love taking all the marshmallows out of my lucky charms, putting them in a pile and eating them.

I used to be a size 9 (no really, I have the dress in my closet to prove it to my children one day)

I dream about either my poetry or my childrens book being published one day

I can't shower in a dirty bathroom

Speaking of bathrooms, I will not go #2 in a public one

I secretly wish that for one day I could be completly selfish with no ramifications

I dabbled in a few hallucinagens when I was younger

I used to think that I knew how love felt, until I met my hubby...that was the first time anyone had ever loved me...for me

Sometimes I dwell in the past too much

I hate my feet, even pedicured, I can't stand them

I can sing, like really well, sometimes I think I could make it in the finals on American Idol.

I graduated with a bachlors in English and can't spell worth a shit!


Anonymous said...

"I dabbled in a few hallucinagens when I was younger"

I don't believe it. Please tell me you are joking.


Nicole said...

I ahve never had burnt pepperoni...who burns it for on pizza or something???

I am with you on the shower and the # 2 in public...actually , I try NOT to go in washrooms in public...except at movie theatres...I just cant help it...had 2 kids..bladder not the same!!!

I will try to do my tag tomorrrow...!!
and i am tagging my new friend Vagina..LOL

THAT should prove to be VERY interesting :)

Ellie said...

Your tagging your friend Vagina.....I could go several ways with that one Nic!

I will actually put the pepperoni in the microwave and cook it then eat it just like that!!! I do it with salami too...I know, I know..yum yum!

Anonymous said...

Well, Ellie, with a beautiful face like yours, it's no wonder you have the voice to match. (o:

Don said...

RE: I dream about either my poetry or my childrens book being published one day

Check out:

We may be able to help you!


Ellie said...

WOW sweet of you, I am blushing bright and early on a Sunday morning.

Thanks Don, I will definately check it our.

Nicole said...

Ok El...I did your tag!!!

Nicole said...

Ellie, I sure hope you watched LOST last night!! I am waiting.....

Nicole said...

your buddy RWA said something snotty about us blogging about LOST...Ellie..kick his ass...or at least slap it!!!