Friday, September 28, 2007

corporal punishment

Is it okay to spank?

Here is my point,
If we as adults are arrested for assult and battery charges for hitting someone intentionally, even if it is only one time and not an abusive situation...what makes it okay to spank our children?

Recently, with all the changes in our household, I have resorted to spanking my son for doing things to endanger himself, or his sister, and occasionally for not listening (like REALLY not listening) Then I thought to myself, what gives me the right? Just b/c I am his parent isn't an excuse, or is it?


Just Dave said...

It is your responsibility to train your son as to what is acceptable and what is not. If you don't, who will? A quick and easy swat on the behind doesn't hurt and gets his attention but, if you can find a hot button, it would be better. My youngest son hated to have to stand in the corner. It drove him insane. So, what was his punishment for transgressions? You guessed it.

I would certainly not recommend that you give hime even a little whack in public. Sure as hell, somebody will call the police.

e.Craig said...

I agree with Just Dave. Time outs have worked pretty well for me. One minute in a chair per year of age, and no entertainment while doing it.
Leave the yard without permission ... confinement indoors the rest of the afternoon or evening.
Out of sixteen grandkids I found it necessary to spank only one of them. And, that happened only once. She was probably 2 and being willfully disobedient. And, guess who that would have been. None other than my Haley.

angel said...

I was a nanny years ago, and of course would never dream of spanking the children. I found other ways to get them to do what they were supposed to, and they were generally pretty good.

My parents' threat of a spanking, was enough to stop me doing anything naughty!

I don't like the idea of an adult scaring a child with physical force. It must be intimidating having somebody so much bigger than you spank you, and is it then saying that you can use violence to get what you want? ie. them stopping being naughty?

I prefer bribery with lemonade iceblocks or something nice!

Rhianna said...

I'm in the 'minority' then. Texas passed a law (with NO abstainers, and NO anti votes) allowing spanking by a parent, or a designated adult. I believe in spanking when needed - I spank my children. Hell, I'd stand there and take a spanking if my Mamma or Daddy thought I did something wrong and deserved it even now! I've gone up against the witch next door who called Family Services because I spank my children - shock and awe the USAF stays it's ass out of my family affairs.

Spanking is a last resort action - after grounding, after making them clean, after sitting out (time out) etc. If you don't LIKE that I spank my children, keep it to yourself. Just as I don't go up to the brat ass child hitting their parent and spank them (or their parent for permitting them to behave that way, let alone in public), keep you damn nose out of the way I raise my kids.

I can guarantee my children do NOT throw fits in stores, do NOT scream at me (or other adults), do NOT steal, do NOT lie, are NOT bullies and do what they're told, when they're told. I've never had my child hit me, spit on me, bite me, kick me, throw something at me, or any of the like that goes on daily with most other children. I have children that say Sir and Ma'am, Please and Thank you, Yes and No and I'm damn proud of them, but they know what happens when they dare transgress as well.

I was spanked as a child - I'm not a murderer, a rapist, a thief, a liar or a lazy-ass do-nothing mooch. Humanity coddles their young to the point of suicidal stupidity lately. That, or they let their children treat them like shit, along with their teachers, their fellow kids, humans in general. That doesn't fly with me. It is my job to raise responsible, trustworthy adults and I'll use whatever method works, regardless of its popularity. I use the methods that are true and letting children do what ever they want to avoid "crushing their little spirits" is NOT one of them.

Ellie said...

Wow Rhi.. tell me how you really

I could see Texans passing a law like that. But then you have to establishdegrees of what is just and unjust..ya know.

My son just yesterday jumped in the front of the car and I yelled 4 him to get his ass back in his seat. Some teenager started yelling out to me "please don't hit the little kid"
I looked at her and said "oh please shut the hell up"
she called me a bitch and walked away.

Nicole said...

I think that sometimes a whack on the behind gets their attention. However, I think it should only be done by a parent.

Hypersonic said...

Spank!!!??? jesus, so get out the whip and the cat o´nine tails. Spanking solves nothing and creates resentment.

Donald said...

I tend to agree with Rhiana, and TOTALLY disagree with hypersonic.

Using spankings use to be common place, and kids from those days were much better behaved than the kids of today. Heck, in my household the THREAT of a spanking was enough to keep me in line. And like Rhiana, I am not a thief, murder, etc.

The kids of today are so coddled and allowed to do what ever they want, how ever they want, they are not taught manners, not taught any form of discipline and are allowed to hit their parents, etc.

While this all was starting to change in the early to mid 70s as I was heading into high school, I could already see a change in kids for the worse as more and more young adults, most not even parents yet, started the problems with those they saw spanking or correcting their kids saying that the kids had "rights too".

Yes, kids have rights. Their first right is to a good education from their parents, which includes learning discipline, manners, and etiquette. If that includes the threat of and occasional spanking, so be it. If done right the spanking typically doesn't hurt physically, just let's them know they "goofed" big time.