Monday, September 17, 2007

weirdest crush

I am stealing a bit of this post from Nic. She wanted to know if anyone had a crush on their teachers?
I want to know what is the weirdest crush you have had.
Mine, my OBGYN when I was in 17 years old. Geesh was he hot, but man, now that I look back on it, that crush was kind of a creepy & gross one.


Nicole said...

hey...I am not Nicky!!! lol
I think you have confused me with the other sweet Nic(ky) you are blog buds with.
I am just Nic!!! :)

e.Craig said...

None of my crushes could be characterized as weird. The stalking .. maybe. But, not the crushes. ;-)

Ellie said...

I didn't have you confused, just a typo...that'sall

RWA said...

Whoo hoo!!!!

I think they've had a story like that on one of those late-night Cinemax movies.

Not that I've ever watched anything like that.


Nicole said...

A guy that is one of my clients. I don't necessarily have a "crush" on him but he is so movie star handsome that I find myself sometimes getting flushed\nervous around him. I think when we are aware or subconciously aware that we are physically attracted to another person, it is natural to act like that, don't you think?

Hey...I did a post on Wife swap. When you are having your tough days post pregnancy...ever for a moment wish you could swap lives???

Jahooni said...

When I was younger I always found myself having a crush on guys' at work, now that I am an old fart I tend to have crushes on the guys that walk my groceries to my car!
j/k, I am not that old!