Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The school bully

Speaking of our younger years. Did your school ever have a school bully, or were you ever bullied by anyone?

I was bullied by one girl imparticular, Angel. She was the devil.

Every year I dreaded going to school b/c every year she would beat me up, and I never fought back. I had a restraining order on her in was that bad.

I remembered the one time I said screw it all and actually went to fight her, a teacher intervened and I was suspended from school. It hardly seemed fair. Then she was transferred to another school.

I wish I could go back in time for a rematch. I would kick her ass. I always knew I could kick her ass, but I was too much of a scaredycat.

If my kids are bullied, I am going to teach them to stick up for themselves. And if my kid bullies...I will make them volonteer in an elderly home or something to teach them how to be humble.

The one time I fought a girl I got suspended for 5 days from school. Nevermind she hit me first, she only got 2 days b/c she got beat up really bad. Nevermind I was only defending myself, my mother made me volonteer a couple weekends at a church repainting the children's bookshelves and for the week I was suspended from school I had to volonteer my time to the wildlife sancuary. I had to replant the garden and got scared shitless by a snake crawling across my foot, and to top off my wonderful week sweating my ass of, I got to clean out the Eagle cage. Do you know how much an Eagle shits? Not to mention how hard it is to clean it off a wire cage the size of a garden shed?

It doesn't pay to be a bully, but I am sure not going to let my kid be bullied.... no way.


Woozie said...

If my kids are bullied, I am going to teach them to stick up for themselves.


Far too few parents do this, and the school tries and teach people this De-Bug junk which basically says ignore the bully and which basically never works.

Ellie said...

I got .. "don't fight, go and tell and the bully will get in trouble"

yhat advice is for chumps and nerds...not my kids

e.Craig said...

I think most bullies get the point real quick when they see you won't be pushed around, and that you are willing to take a few licks to administer some of your own. That's about the time they figure you ain't no easy prey, and stop bothering you.

RWA said...

Good for you.

Kids should stand up for themselves - and they shouldn't be bullies. Sounds like you've got a great plan.

paz y amor said...

There's a bit of a double standard with us teachers. We're supposed to break up fights- but we let them grind it out a little before we get involved. If a child is getting bullied, we're supposed to send the bully to the office (never works), but I always whisper something to the kid getting bullied:

"Next time, hit his ass back and he'll leave you alone!"

It's called "natural consequences". So much for setting a good example.

Ellie said...

I think you are setting a good example Paz. What is the point of letting a child go his life without knowing how to defend himself?
It's a self esteem issue too. Think about it. If the child is beat up all the time, or never sticks up for himself, how will he ever, even on the simplest of things. Say like speaking up for a job promotion. Asking a girl out? Disciplining his children? Standing up for his rights?
It goes on and on

Just Dave said...

The fact is that, no matter how rough and tough some bully thinks they are, there is always somebody rougher and tougher. We had a bully in high school that always picked on smaller kids. He pushed one of them down in the mud one day after school. The smaller kid was into martial arts and, when the dust cleared, the bully was in the emergency room, basically every color of the rainbow.

I have no use for bullys. Tales of bullying is one thing that can send me into a blind rage.