Monday, September 10, 2007

I guess she did it to herself. Two posts in one

Maybe I am one of the last people that feel sorry for her. To me, she looked nervous as hell, but she should of rehersed instead of thinking that she could do it.

I hated Sarah Silverman's jokes after, calling her children beautiful mistakes and saying they had lips like her shaved vagina. Then basically calling Paris Hilton a whore. The crowd was silent. Her jokes were NOT funny.

I actually liked the song Britney 'lip sang'. I think that if she wanted a true comeback, she should of actually sang the song.

Although one mag was calling her a lard ass, I think she looks fabulous after having two children. I could only dream of looking like that right now. Which leads me to post # 2

I actually almost drop kicked my father in law last night. I was talking to my sister in law about joining a gym with her. During the coversation I had mentioned that I tried 'sucking' it in the other night, which is just stupid to do after only 3 weeks after my c-section.
Father in law chimed in, "well that's a hell of a lot to suck in Elnora".
Husband said " I can't stop my wife from what she's gonna do now", I just simply said that it was a mean thing to say.
I don't think that he meant to hurt me, just sometimes he has an 'off' sense of humor. But it was the first time anyone had basically said I was fat before. It hurt really bad. I went upstairs to my sister in laws bathroom and cried. Then that night when going to bed, I turned to hubby and asked him if I really looked that bad. He leaned over and told me not to listen to what his father said.

But it was kind of hard not know.


RWA said...

Don't listen to your old father-in-law. What the hell does he know?

e.Craig said...

Postpartum mommies should not be talked to that way, even if it's in jest. All of my daughters have gotten back into shape after giving me multiple grandkids. Sixteen, to be exact. Takes a little time. you'll get there. :-)

Nikky said...

I think it must be some sort of rule, that fathers-in-law must suck. Mine is a horrible chauvanistic boar, and yours has bad judgement and NO sense of humor...
I know it hurts, I've been there, but you have to be happy with you, to hell with him!

Just Dave said...

1. Britney - Let's go through a divorce, get your head shaved and get slammed by the media every time you sneeze. Yeah, I think you can be a little nervous when you perform in front of your peers for the first time since all that went down. And Sarah Silverman is a worthless painmonger. She is not now nor has she ever been funny.

2. Post partum condition - Hey, you just swelled up to twice your size. It will take a while to come back. The gym sounds like a good idea for lots of reasons. Your father-in-law is an insensitive asshole. Just ignore him.

angel said...

Some men have the sensitivity of a house brick.

Don't listen to a word of it.

Can you imagine what most men would look like after having kids!??!!!

I kind of feel sorry for Britney, but she isn't helping herself much. She needs to learn to love herself, not the celebrity Britney, but the real woman underneath. I think she looks great after having 2 kids.