Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan, sucks ( poitical post)

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Okay, so Hillary Clinton wants to offer health care to everyone. Not only offer it, but it would be mandatory in the US to have healthcare. You could get the healthcare from your employer, or purchase into the discounted health care that the government would offer.

So how would the government make up for the costs of the discounts....?

Here is my idea, Hillary along with the other democrats want to get rid of our child income tax credits, and our childcare credits that families get. So if that is $6000 more a year that working families would have to contribute into the tax system, not only do I get shafted on that aspect. But I also have to pay higher insurance premiums b/c I work. NEWSFLASH, the only reason I am a working mother is b/c my job covers our insurance premiums. If the government is going to offer dirt cheap insurance, whats there stopping me from quitting my job and mooching off the government and other hard working families?

Hillary suck!!!!! Just my opinion!


Effortlessly Average said...

Well I can tell you one thing that would keep most everyone from quitting to mooch off the government: the fact that it would only be healthcare they would provide and if you quit, you'd need more than just that.

Also, I hope they'd not be so shortsighted as to try to pay for universal healthcare by simply removing child credits. Those credits help many more people than healthcare would. Personally I think there are maaaany more juicy apples to pick from that tree. How about the tax break given to "farmers" where I used to live? A tax break that meant a wealthy person with 50 acres of land could plant corn on it, call himself a "farmer" and not pay property tax at the same rate he would if the land weren't planted? Nevermind that the corn would never be harvested or tended in any way.

Or how about reducing the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the military? Or the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on various governmental pork projects like building a bridge in Alaska that ends at an island on which no one lives?

Or the millions in government subsidies paid to oil and gas compainies over the last five years? Five years that ended with the highest after tax profits of any industry on the face of the Earth and at any point in history.

Think Exxon, Shell, et al could afford to repay those subsidies? Or that they really needed them in the first place?

We have a national budget that reaches into the trillions of dollars and NO ONE on either side of the isle can convince me that there isn't more than enough fat that can be trimmed to pay for healthcare for our own citizens.

Other nations have universal healthcare, and analysis showd that their general healthcare is no worse than ours. Where it diverges is with respect to specialties (ie, you'll likely get better brain surgery here than in, say, Canada). But in the area of medicine that 90% of citizens use 95% of the time, there is no appreciable difference.

I'm not sure universal healthcare is the answer, but I can tell you that 37 MILLION Americans without healthcare coverage of any kind (and tens of millions more with inadequate coverage) is also NOT the answer.

Ellie said...

thing is dems believe in hugher taxation. With salaries stying the same and the value of the us dollar going down, we can't afford higher taxes. Dems have already said that they plan to remove the child credits. they say they are all for the family, but it is the family they penalize. you wouldn't see them impose something that would take from their pockets..wouls you?

those programs you mention sound pretty pointles, but they are important to dsomeone more important than you and I guess they stay.

sad isn't it

e.Craig said...

Hillary Clinton is a Socialist by definition. She, along with many other democrats think the government should fulfill our needs, make our decisions for us. To them we are the "sheeple."
That's just what we need, a health care system run by an inefficient government bureaucracy, paid for by taking even more of our money. And, significantly lowering the quality of health care service we now receive.

Nicole said...

Being Canadian, I don't have much to offer on this topic, except to say being what I have heard about your current health care programs, they pretty much suck already.

It seems to get quality health care, you need to be very wealthy.