Saturday, September 08, 2007

the pursuit of happiness

I don't know how many of you know I work in the mortgage industry, that is completely tanking at the moment. I am very worried that my job is in jeapardy. So what do I do? Do I stick it out, or make a move within the mortgage industry to ensure my longevity?
Or do I take this time to look into maybe doing something I love.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. So I have begun looking into getting a teaching position in my county. Just looking right now, but boy would that be ideal.

I wonder how many people settle in life for a job they really don't love b/c we have to work to live and then we give up our dreams.

I know that if the teaching thing doesn't work out, I have to stick it out with the mortgage industry b/c it pays the bills.


e.Craig said...

While I think the mortgage industry problem is temporary, who knows how long it will last.
My vote would be to get into a job you love, Ellie. Good luck.

RWA said...

I have to agree with e.craig. I have always believed a person should enjoy their work - not just use it for the paycheck.

Of course, that's a lot easier decision for someone single to make than a person with a family.

Good luck.

Ellie said...

I hope the mortgage industry thing is temporary. Thing is, there are so many mortgage companies going belly up b/c of a chain reaction. The one to watch right now is Countrywide. They are really close to losing it. If they do...there is big trouble.
The government is watching the industry to see if they should step in, but the thing is, jobs are high and the dems don't want the govt. to step in.

I am still really worried.

Just Dave said...

You are right to be worried. The setback may be temporary but, in my experience, layoffs are usually permanent. If you have the certification to be a teacher, go for it. You may not get a better chance.

Ellie said...

I don't have certification, but I have a BA in English.
Some counties let you obtain your certs while teaching. I just have to take the Praxis exams.

Rhianna said...

Depends on the teaching front. Are you ready to be lied to, called names and be paid crap to maybe get through to a handful of students per year? Do you want a job for life, or do you really love the idea of teaching?

If its for a job for life, don't do it. Those who don't love teaching make crap teachers and are part of a growing problem in US schools.

If you love the idea of teaching try voluteering in the classroom first, or working as a teachers-aide. That will get you some first hand experiance of what you'll be subjected to (by the BoE, hierarchy of the school, parents of failing and stupid students, the stupid students themselves and the ones who really do want to learn - sadly, the smallest group, but the ones you probably most want to have contact with).

I say this as a product of 5 generations of teachers. You have to love learning, you have to love helping others learn (children or adults) to be a great teacher. If you're not going to strive to be a great teacher, don't make the soup worse.

I wish you all the luck in the certification area. If you do go the teaching route, you should have several opportunities that will help you continue on your path of learning as well.