Monday, January 28, 2008

E to the M to the Nasty games we play

Ellie and hubby, Mike, love to amuse themselves. We have stupid conversations that I like to post, but have never posted any of the stupid games we play. Well last night while watching a video of Chris Daughtry, I couldn't help but start up one our our past time favorites... The Cum Face game. Yup that's right folks. We watch TV and (videos, news, whatever's and such) and when someone makes a weird face, we like to point out "That's a cum face".. it sounds so stupid, but it is so much fun.

Another game we like to play... Mute and Adlib. We like to use our TIVO for this game. When we see something funny ...we like to rewind..mute the sound and add our own words to the person talking. This can be quite creative and fun!
Ya'll should try it sometime


Jahooni said...

LOL... I WANT TO PLAY THIS! how fun... yep that is soooo "A Cum Face" on the D Man.
BTW-he should have won.

Woozie said...

Oh man, I am SO doing The Cum Face.

Ellie said...

yep..dat's how we roll and it's fun!!!

e.Craig Crawford said...

Very creative! Family entertainment need not be expensive.