Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolution Time...

To Be Better...
To be a better wife and a better mother. This year has been a rough one. Surviving a tough mortgage market. Going through one of the roughest pregnancies and having a beautiful baby. Having a two/three year old. Adapting. Remodeling. Becoming an Aunt again...suffering loss.

I never blogged about it, but my best friend buried 3 children this year. Earlier in the year she gave birth to twin girls that died an hour after birth. Then 4 months ago she gave birth to a boy that died from a brain tumor the same day. During my one pregnancy she was pregnant twice. She had two funerals for three children while trying to raise her 4 year old. We, with another friend of ours, were having babies together. We, suffered her loss. She taught me that my children and my husband come first in everything. In 2008 I would like to be a better wife and a more attentive, patient mother to my son. I feel that since my daughter was born, I haven't given Tyler my time as I should. I haven't found that balance yet, I suppose. But I will.

And on a lighter reunion is in 6 I have 6 months to lose 30 pounds. But I resolved this year that I would not resolve to lose weight... :)


Rhianna said...

That's 5lbs a month. Unless my math skills are totally hosed by my proximity to young children. ;)

I'll make you a deal. I need to lose about 55lbs. I plan to do it by NLT mid August (when I turn 30). Wanna be online weight-loss buddies? I'll send you prizes when you lose weight (value of prizes is purely at my discretion of course). :D

Ellie said...

55 lbs is my ideal goal to Rhi.
Weight loss

Just Dave said...

I cannot even imagine losing a child, much less 3 of them. My heart goes out to your friend.

I be losin' a minimum of 2 pounds a week until I can see my feet.

e.Craig said...

That's a touching post, and everything you touched on is important. And it's true that a new-born needs lots of attention, so the older sibling[s] will be "Short changed" for a while.
Good luck on your weight loss goal, Ellie. It's great that you have a buddy system going on this.
I'm down to 173, and tipped the scale around 200 lbs this time a year ago. So, I know it can be done. But I could not break the 180 lb barrier until I started walking.

Ellie said...

I heard walking is a great way to lose the weight. It's just by the time I get home, it's dark out right now. It sucks. I have an elliptical and now that the kids playroom is almost done, I have no excuses...ya know.
Congrats on the weight loss ecraig..that is just great really.

Jahooni said...

LOVE THIS PICTURE! will print it out and post it in the office because I am SICK of hearing about this diet and that diet and blah blah blah. 3 days in and I can't take it!

Jahooni said...

Okay now on to the important part of your post...I am so very sad to hear this about your best friend. I can't even imagine it... whew. God never gives us more than we can handle but at times like that I tend to question it.

I have 25 lbs to lose as well with no family reunion to remind me. I vow to only try... ;-)

Hope you feel better from the flu.