Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King

I can't stand it when white people say.. Why do we have to have a black history month.
It pisses me off. If some people weren't so narrow minded... they would see that History is primarily White History in the United States. We have written the books since the beginning of this country. Caucasians were notorious for holding down those of different races. We can say that we are a country built from immigration, which is true, to an extent.
The black civil rights movement wasn't so long ago. We can declare the the emancipation proclamation was a big civil rights movement brought about by Lincoln, but if you really look at the times, I think it was more of a tactic of war rather than a personal belief that swayed the President. Lincoln was an awesome man, and when I say awesome, I truly mean that in it's definition, But Martin Luther King...that is a different story.
He had a dream. A dream that he wanted not just blacks to to envision, but a dream that he wanted all races to embrace. Black History, whether some whites want to admit it or not, is still relatively new. Blacks were not written into books like whites were. So I say.... why not? What is wrong with embracing a culture, embracing a people, embracing a history?
Now with that said... I would like to see other races that the United States has forgotten about that are a foundation of this country. I would like to see more about American Indians, I would like to see more about women's suffrage...ect. I don't want to have to take my kids to D.C. so that they can learn there. I would like each month to represent something different and as equally important. I want our schools and our country to embrace different cultures, embrace different people and embrace different history.
I would hope that one day everyone would feel that the history of all people were as equally important.

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Just Dave said...

You are right about Lincoln, His original intent was not to end slavery but to stop its growth in the new territories to the west, as per the Missouri Compromise. He later changed his mind.

Dr. King was an incredibly courageous man. By leading the civil rights movement, he knew that the odds were that he would be killed but led anyway. We still have a ways to go but the country is a far better place now that it was then.

Jahooni said...

WOW, what got in your panties this morning! j/k
I sooooo believe in what you have to say. I think not enough people get the recognition that they so deserve. I think one day a year should be Jahooni Day. Or Ellie Day, what do you think?

Ellie said...

Jahooni day sounds like much more fun!

Jahooni said...

Exactly, But you never hop over to see what Jahooni Day is all about! Have you checked? Nope. Not fun!