Thursday, January 03, 2008

A story worth writing about...

I am not going to try to sharpen my writing skills here, I am just going to get to the point.

Just 20 minutes from my home is Walkersville. In Walkersville, residents are trying to block a Muslim community from buying a The Historical Nicodimus Farm. Hood College owned the farm that was donated to them by a family that owned it for 150 years. They sold it to an investor "Moxley" who immediately sought to destroy the farm and build hundreds of homes on it. He has been blocked doing so for 10 years by the Walkersville zoning committee and town residents. Now he has a contract on the property that has been listed for a year. A group of Muslims based out of Maryland, would like to build a Mosque like retreit center there, where 10,000 people would be able to meet at one time. Nicodemus Farm is a part of the Antietem Battlefield.The first major battle on northern soil during the cival war...and they want to build a Muslim mosque there??? Do the research and you will find, it's a very important peice of land.
This is what a Mosque looks like:
Click here to see Nicodemus farm, I can't paste it b/c it is copywrite protected

This is an aireal picture of Walkersville Maryland:

Now if you look at it, seems like Walkersville is a rural area full of farming, I don't think a Mosque that would house up to 10,000 people at a time would fit in with the community surroundings. Plus the farm they want to build on is zoned agricultural, and historical. It is believed to be the home of John Walker, the first settler.

The mosque they want to build will take up an acre. That is one hell of a big building. Then they want to set up baseball fields, soccer fields, a gymnasium and parking lots. That is one hell of alot of lights for this small town area.

The question is the following; will the Muslim center affect the 13 zoning factors including traffic conditions, property values, noise, historic landmarks, orderly growth and the ‘‘effect of such use upon the peaceful enjoyment of people in their homes.”


CresceNet said...
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e.Craig Crawford said...

I'm somewhat surprised that anyone wanting to build a mosque would attempt to buy property with "historical" zoning. That's typically very restrictive and protective of a neighborhood's historic character.