Monday, January 07, 2008

Here is your loincloth!

This was at my husband's Christmas party Nic...they did those head on body pics... I thought that since you asked for a man in a might like it!

tee hee hee


Nicole said...

well Gee, El...I don't know if I should be repulsed, or mildly turned on...or a bit of both!!! :-P

LOL....It's NOT quite what I had in mind though.....

PS. Is your hubby gonna kill you?
and 2ndly....what's it like to look at your hubby....and his rack?

Ellie said...

Well since the female body is a beautiful thing...I love looking at hubby's rack... the stuble is a bit trite at times though. He has alot of waxing to do.

Jahooni said...

I think he looks kinda hot! I could be turned BI looking at this too long... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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