Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fill in the blank

You can tell alot about a person by ________________.

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Nicole said...

How they groom their hair!

If they smile and the kind of smile!

Nicole said...

I take it you finally got a new vehicle... does this mean no more saturn badluck stories??!!!

If you did get a new car, congrats!

Ellie said...

Oh no.. this is my car I have had 4eva... I never got a new one. This is a stock photo...
hey I put a pic up of bad hair and creepy smile for you on the link!

Just Dave said... the vodka thay drink. Gray Goose - highly sophisticated person around town. Old 'Tater Squeezins' - not so much.

Jahooni said...

you can tell alot about a person.... when you leave comments on their blogs and they don't on yours!

okay, you have a couple of time... hee hee

VE said...

listening to them not instantly judging them

Rhianna said...

Their choice of reading material. :D

Oh, btw, online-workout buddy...My offical weigh-in for our base's "Biggest Winner" (don't ask), is Monday, so if you'd like to start next week, that'd be good.

Ellie said...

oh Rhi, I can't weight (wink wink). I don't weigh in though, I can't...I would be scared to. I will say this, IF I weigh in, I will NOT post on my blog...BUT I will post how much I have lost.
Monday though eeh? SO I can eat this donut in front of me now. ( Hey I got till monday)
It's on babe!
Jahooni...I visit you booger...coming right now!

Ellie said...

Dave...VODKA..shoot..I only drink Don Julio Tequilla baby..reserve!

Nicole said...

just dave's comment REALLY made me laugh!! Touche!!!!

and yes...there IS a diff when it comes to vodka!

Grey goose is top notch , but I really like a Canadian one, I think it is called Glacier Ice...I'll go check!
very smooth!

Ellie said...

Greygoose or belvedere ..BUT Greygoose is a fav

Just Dave said...

Thanks for the tip, Nicole. I will check it out. And Don Julio Reserve is excellent, also. Just don't waste it in a margarita. Shoot ir with lemon/lime and salt-ahhhhh.