Monday, January 14, 2008

would you pay?

The last concert I went to was Duran Duran (if you don't count the wiggles). I got to meet the band back stage and sit side stage during their was totally wack!!!
I don't like to go to a concert and sit 400 rows back, I could just as easily not pay $100 a pop and watch them from the comforts of my own home.
The biggest concert I went to and paid the most to see was Bruce Springsteen. I sat 12 rows back. I was in awe.. I decided from that point on, I would never pay for anything but floor seats.
Before Bruce, I had seen Enrique Iglesias 2 rows back, and Britney Spears front row.

Here is my point...Of all the concerts I have seen...big names too... Britney Spears was the only concert where the artist Lip Sang the entire thing, even slow songs. This past weekend Hillary Duff got caught lip Singing..and we all remember when Ashlee Simpson was caught on Saturday night live.
When did that become the norm? When was it decided that it was alright for your fans to camp out overnight for tix, or pay hundreds from snipers online, or even the stars ridiculous prices...only to watch a pre-recorded voice?

If I hear that a singer lip sings their concerts..... I will not pay to see them.


Rhianna said...

Official weigh in was today. 226lbs. The way this thing is set up on base is a once-a-month weigh in. I was thinking once-a-week, maybe twice-a-week if you'd like. What says you?

Jahooni said...

I have seen TONS i mean TONS of concerts. Ranging from rock, alternative, country, etc.Some I can remember, so I can't ;-)Pink Floyd I was there but..... ??? or I think I was there.

I was 6 rows back for Dave Matthew Band. I was front row for Tim & Faith, I touched his hand. she kept smiling at my girfriend and me and almost meant down but didn't.. bitch. j/k! B52's house of blues downtown Disney was a blast. The Stones always give a great concert even though they are like 85 years old.