Monday, January 07, 2008

Guess those lips

Guess these lips and you win a hints

UPDATE: Congrats Nicole, you won...what is your prize...feast your eyes!


Nicole said...

I'm gonna go with Hillary...being that you regularly show her "love" on your blog! LOL

Ellie said...

yes... I do love her don't I?

Nicole said...

Last time I play Ellie's Guessing games!!!

I want a better prize...I thought some hot guy was going to show up in a loin cloth to deliver my daily Tim Horton's Coffee!!! lol
( inside fantasy for me and Sara!! we both have a Tim Horton's coffee every day...even though we are 3000 kms apart!!! ;-)

paz y amor said...

Now I'm sure that you love her even more that her campaign is taking a beating and she's sliding in the polls! You did say you were voting for her right? :)

Ellie said... a poll that says she will LOSE!!!

Woozie said...

Everyone Loves the HilDog!