Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mud slingin' aint it grand!

Is it just me...or do Democrats mudsling alot? I understand you are rivals, but can't rivals be cival? Everyone thinks that this is a Democratic race...and I guess right now it is, but that doesn't mean its a Democrat that will win. I guess the mudslinging between parties comes after the bids are set. This stuff between Hillary and Obama man...that stuff is some good's like watching a soap in the afternoon. But don't they realize how they hurt their image...what kind of damage it is doing to their campaigns...the credibility they lose?
To me, both are too inexperienced to be President. I am not sure if the race and gender cards have anything to do with the popularity of these canidates. If I had to trust anyone more, it would definately be Obama..I think that Hillary has an agenda of her own goals and not the goals of the country as a whole. But Obama just doesn't have the experience. Then again, I hate the fact that the majority of politicians are old farts with their heads not only up their own asses, but back in the years that they were born ..say the 20's. (okay that's a stretch, but you get my point)
That is why I would like to see Obama and Romney go head to head. As Hillary put it...I can't believe I am quoting her...the presidential slot is for the 'good ol boys club'. Though she was using the gender card in her statement, I see it slightly different but still true.
We need youth, fresh minds that think somewhat independently of their party, action takers, someone with balls, someone with integrity, someone with hope, someone with brains.

Stop the's ruining the image you paid millions of dollars for.

UPDATE: just saw some good ol Republican mudlingin on the drudge report

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paz y amor said...

I couldn't agree with you more, (except the fact that Repubs mudsling too!) it's definitely time for some new blood in leadership! I wish (for his sake) that Obama would start taking the high road when nit picking with Clinton. He's got a lot of momentum and I think he'll be in good shape if he'd talk more about the issues he wants to change rather than defending the b.s. the Clintons are slinging his way