Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ever heard the song...

If I could write a letter to me.. By Brad Paisley. It's a great song about if he could write a letter to himself at 17 and all the things he could say. (Listen to it is awesome)
RWA...I thought of you when I thought of this.

What would I say if I could write a letter to me....

Always listen to your mother's advise, she knows more than you think. And one day, you will need her more than you will ever need anyone in your life.
Try to get along with your Step Father, he's gonna turn out pretty cool, and you'll see he will always be there for you.
Spend a little more time letting your grandmother know how much you love her because you will miss her more than you will ever know.
Spend more time with your girlfriends, they will get you through the toughest times of your life.
Stay sweet, stay generous, but stick up for yourself a bit more.
Cherish the moments you have with your long time boyfriend, but try to steal a bit of time for yourself. When you think it's time...say it's will save you alot of heart ache in the end.
Please stay away from drugs, they take a chunk of your life away.
Tim Pillard...some of your best friends don't make the best of lovers. Let the 18 year friendship stay just that.
Love your pup Montana, he is the best dog you will ever have.
It's okay to trust, but try not to be so gullible
That car ride on the fourth of July, Tell Jason not to park by the barn.(it will save you two some embarrassment)
Go to every party that you can sneak away too. They will be some great stories to tell.
Try out for more sports and afterschool stuff harder... college is fun...but it's there for a reason.
Sisters can be a cool thing...that is a relationship worth having.
Your brother Phil... he doesn't just like the theatre and musicals for nothin hun. Be there for him when it's time...and maybe give him a hint that he is perfect the way he is.
Try to do things with Christopher more, that is a relationship you might miss in the future.
Let Jonathan know that one day, he is gonna be a hero...and you will always think of him as one amazing person.

Reach out to your dad... tell him how you feel... and tell him not to be such a douche...maybe you will get 10 years back with him.
Exercize after you have your first baby.
Don't date Danny, your gonna marry his brother


RWA said...

That is a great song. Thanks for the thought.

Jahooni said...

okay this just made me sad. great post. great song. i love love country music. just saw tim and faith and i touched HIM. Not his crouch but his hand and arm... and OMG Anyhoo, I might go home and write that letter to myself!

Donald Douglas said...

McCain's the presumptive nominee!'

Woo hoo!!

Just Dave said...

Try to get along with your Dad. He's going to die way too young.


Make sure you have at least three condums when you go out with Ginger.