Friday, July 14, 2006

I don't appreciate your potty mouth!

Yes, I made the mistake of showing my mother my blog. Just by one little thing (award below) she made a snap judgment about my blog and decided to never visit again. She told me I had a potty mouth and she didn't appreciate the language in my blog being associated with my profile pic. Sorry mom. But aren't you glad I didn't become a stripper?


Nicole said...

Your FIRST mistake was even telling your mom you had a blog.
Even I would NEVER be that dumb.....{ and I'm not calling you dumb, you have just used bad judgement}
Mothers seem to put daughters on a pedestal of sorts, and mine would LIKE to lump me in with Mother Theresa.
Sometime we'll have to do drinks.
At a BBQ July 1st Canada, I was telling my uncle a joke and in the joke is the word tits.
My mother literally almost had a stroke.
Seriously, .....and if she only knew.
I do have a daughter myself, and I hope I don't repeat history. i don't think I will.....when my son {age 14} wanted me to buy him some playboy boxers, I said yes, but only after making him promise he wouldn't "whack off" in them. I am being truthful here!!!

Jen said...


I'm not going to show my mother
the slack.. ever!