Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smelly Guy in New York

This is the picture I took of Times Square right before some really smelly guy started following me trying to get me to buy something, I can't remember what. I told him no and despite my hubby being there, he insisted. I kept walking and he kept talking. My husband politely told him that I wasn't interested. I got this:
" I ain't trying to F*** your wife mista, I got my own woman at home..that's right I'm married...wuz wrong wid yur wife anyway she can't talk for herself? That's okay I wouldn't wanna sleep wid dat anyway damn!"

Okay, normally I would be like "whatever" and keep walking, because nothing about what the smelly guy was bothering me...until he said the last bit! Smelly guy wouldn't F*** me???? NOOOO I wouldn't F*** smelly guy...!!! Who the hell is he anyway...I kept hearing him talking and I thought I heard the word dog come out of his mouth.... I was seriously offended...Not to mention started questioning my looks all b/c of some smelly guy!!! For the life of me I still don't know why.


Dave said...

No, no, when he said something about a "dog" he was explaining about the wife at home. She's affectionate, never nags, and enjoys it if you smell like to just rolled in sh*t ;)

Ellie said...

Dave you are a man after my own heart! kisses mauh!

crallspace said...

Gosh... the barrage of insults I can recommend.