Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What was I thinking?

Did you know that my Mother In Law is also my Boss? Sometimes I wonder what was I thinking when I decided to work for her 4 years ago. I spend way more time with my Mother In Law that some Daughters In Law would cringe if they had to. While we clash heads more times than not...she really is a great friend to have around. I am glad ....more times than not... that I made that decisions?
(Plus, it does have it's perks sometimes)


Jen said...

if my mother in law was my boss
I'd have no choice but to slit my wrists

we're not "pals" if ya know what I mean


Ellie said...

yeah don't think I haven't contemplated the thought!!!

Nicole said...

Hey Ellie! I can relate, my inlaws built a house 2 blocks away. My MIL is also an invalid, so guess WHO alot of crap falls onto. Not her own daughter that's for sure! But, it's all good.
Last night my daughter was watching the George Lopez show, while I was tidying up the kitchen. { We have an open floor plan} The character's mom's house burns down and has to move in with them. My daughter turned to my husband and said "Daddy, if Papa and Grandma's house burned down, would they move in here? " Thankfully I had to access to any sharp knives at this point, my husband said "well of course they could". I never said a goddamn word and after 10 minutes he keeled over the sofa in a fit of laughter......the bastard!

On a brighter note, got into more trouble from my mother, the woman has bionic ears I swear!

Annie said...

I don't have inlaws but I don't think I could handle working for anyone in my family or my husbands(if I had one).
You're brave.

Sara said...

My inlaws live with us, does anyone have a razor blade I can use!

I am the same as his mom in some ways but I am a bit saner hehe... yes it has perks and bad points,, either way give me a blade!