Thursday, July 27, 2006

Like we didn't see that coming!

I bet boy bands everywhere are shitting thier pants and running for cover....

Not Justin though..he's bringin sexy back...hadn't you heard!


Nicole said...

I wonder which Backstreet Boy will come out next....LOL

You can have Justin...I want JD Fortune from INXS. Ever see the video for Pretty Vegas. { If not, I INSIST you look it up right now so you know what I am talking about!!!!} I am RUINED for life because now whenever I hear the song it becomes my mango moment from SNL. I am stopped dead in my tracks thinking of him dancing around in the desert with no shirt...YUMMMMM
So on the list. only complaint is he is REALLY on the lean side...yes, tongue could trace his washboard, but I do like a man with some meat to him...aka Vince Vaugh or Joaquin Phoenix. :-D

Ellie said...

Joaquin Phoenix yum yum...but Vince...eeeww. Sweet guy but not my thing...but Jennifer..yum yum, even though I don't swing that way she definately makes me question my sexuality!

JD Fortune is a hotty, reminds me alot of Scott Weiland favorite!

Nicole said...

Vince makes me laugh...I love him. When he laughs it is like an kryptonite to me, I would take my top off.
Yes, I like SW too, but all the drugs have made him way too skinny. Velvet Revolver played S'toon like 2 years ago and he could give Calista a run for the money.

Jenn's pretty, but I think very high maitence and needy....but I definitely am into guys.
But I know a certain someone who will stop by here and read what you typed and LIKE IT.....not naming any names {cough cough BM}

Ben said...

Sighs...wonder who that could be.

Who wants a mustache ride?

Who's ready for a three way? No former members of NSYC allowed...only residents of Massachusetts, Canada and Maryland allowed.

Nicole said...

Hey, on another blog, I have a jackass wanting to slip me roofies. Tell me I'm not on did at one point have a wedding pic up didn't you??

Must stop drinking during the day......

Ellie said...

I did I did...I just wanted to see who was looking...
just kidding! My hubby brought me flowers at work (doz roses)

So I wasn't mad anymore.

Nicole said...

Awww El, that's sweet!
glad to know that I was not having one of my blond moments...hehe because I do have those.

maybe your hubby LIKED your comment about Jennifer A.
Men are pigs El, hate to break it to you LOL