Friday, July 07, 2006

It's Friday! BE POWER SONG CONTEST (what's yours)

I am so glad today is here....
- It's pay day, aka "pay the bills day"(not so good)
- My friends are coming over and our kids will get to play. (good)
- I will get chill with my girlfriend and her hubby and drink wine on our back porch when the kiddies hit the sac (good)
- Swimming on Saturday (great)
-House is already clean (awesome)
-Big Party on Sunday (very good)
-Cleaning on Sunday after guests leave (not so great)
I think the goods out way the bads this time!

Now the contest....I have a power song. Republica's "Shout it out" (video at bottom of the page) I chose my power song when going through a really tough break up. I f***ing love this song! It is the best damn song ever! I love dancing to it in my undies, I love blowing the speakers out of my car with it, I love screaming at the top of my lungs trying to sing it..... I want to know what your power song is. The best one gets 100BE points and a spot on my blog featuring their site and song!!! If you aren't a member of Blog Explosion you are seriously missing out, but leave your name and site and you will still get a spot here. Make it good bitches!!


Ben said...

You know what irks me? Misspellings in titles...


Ben said...

Power song, eh? Either the live version of Army by Ben Folds or Just Like Heaven by the Cure.

Anonymous said...

The French National Anthem

Ellie said...

is that vou le vou couche avec moi?

or however the hell it's spelled

Ben said...

I believe it is 'vous le vous,' and to you, I say, oui. :-)

That said, f the french, and I nominate italy's anthem in honor of their victory.

Does this mean I win?

Jennifer said...

My power song would probably be 'Lyric' by Zwan (

I got into this album when I first moved to Chicago, and that was a time in my life when I felt most confident, independent, and happy with who I am.

This song, more than the rest on the album brings those feelings back any time I hear it. It has to be turned up really loud when I listen to it, or I'm just not satisfied.