Wednesday, July 26, 2006's your fault unless medically proven otherwise!

Now I have to say this up front so no one gets offended...I do not care if you are an adult and overweight... it pisses me off when people get made fun of because of weight. But what I can't stand is children that are 200 pounds overweight and they are like under 10. I saw this little girl that was like 5 years old and had to weigh 200 lbs easy at the pool. What message are you sending to your child if you let them eat sweets and crap all day and don't get the physically active in something or another. I came across this pic on the net and almost screamed.

I think that it should be a law that parents should be turned in for either neglect or abuse or something. Children that young and that overweight is awful! I question the longevity and the quality of his/her life that they should have ahead of them. They are children, sure if you put a cheeseburger and fries in front of them they aren't going to ask you for freaking spinach! There is no excuse for parents to let their children get morbidly is their responsibility as parents to monitor their children...and yes I think it should be a punishable offence. Spfft! on bad parents...they make me sick!

I pray for this little boy... I really do!


Ben said...

If I saw that kid in mcdonalds, I'd call children's services (or disservice, as the case may be).

Then I'd walk up to the parents and punch them both in the face.

Ellie said...

something like that!

Kelly said...

You're absolutely right.

BTW, I have a caption for that pic:
"Are you gonna eat that?"