Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Iams Kills!

I have 3 dogs, one of which suffers allergies. My dogs never suffered from allergies when I had then om Iams pet food, same makers of Eukanuba. But I switched dog food because of the costs, but because I bought some Iams food in the can as a treat for my dog and was horrified when I opened the can. There was inch thick greean mold on the top of the food. It made me wonder what was in the food and how it was packaged. But I thought it could be a freak incident. I went for a 2nd and third can, and all the food was bad. I wrote Eukanuba and they never responded.

Then as I was doing research on Iams, I found out that they perform horrible animal testing. Now I know some people say it's the only way to find out what is harmful, but we don't guinnea pig humans with their food do we? (Accept for those WOW chips that caused Anal Leakage) Iams said that the implimented plans to stop animal testing, but they didn't, they just hid it very well.
To learn more about the testing go to:

I look into my pups eyes and wonder how many animals had to die to feed them. I thought that they were man's best friend....I guess not everyone feels that way.

I emailed Iams to find out if they still did animal testing and they never emailed me back. Unfortunately, the vet seems to think that I need to switch the pups back to their normal food so the ear infections will stop...I am so conflicted!

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