Monday, July 10, 2006

monday...what a bitch

Yeah I really don't want to be back at work, but here I am....making money. My husband asked me if we won the lottery, would I work. Probably, I would like to open my own daycare. Then my boo boo could be with me all day. But then I ask myself, would I really work, who would?

Soooo. Still waiting for peeps to enter the power song contest...I thought it was a fun idea, but maybe I am a loser...dunno!

I haven't driven the highway in quite awhile and I have to admit, ya'll is some crazy F***ing drivers! I think I got flipped the bird 4 times in one trip...nevermind it was a return of the favor, still got flipped the bird. You know what I love to do... I was about to switch lanes b/c I was only going 73 (in a 50) and everyone else was doing 90. So I thought, let me get over..until the bitch behind me flashes her lights...when I already turned my blinker on. So I stayed in my lane and she threw up her hands in the air like, "what the hell?". She proceeded to ride my ass a bit until she realized I wasn't moving for her. Then she drove past, we flipped her the bird, and she flipped back then got over. Now my favorite part. When they look in thier rear mirror, I like to smile and get in the next lane. Just to say "see bitch...I was doing it just to piss you off" Aggressive driving can be such a head rush. I don't condone it at all...but every once in know what I mean... Is there anyone else out there like that?

Personal Shout Out today ... Congrats Kelly....It's a girl! Love you and so happy for you and Bobby! This pink is for you!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, most of the time I'm not an aggressive driver. But catch me in the wrong mood...

If someone rides my ass when it's obvious I have no way of getting over, I usually enjoy slowing down to just under the speed limit, and then just staying there casually until I can almost feel the explosion of person's head behind me. One of these days, I'm going to get shot.